Water Tank Cleaning Services

Water tanks are a source of clean drinking water for homes and businesses, however, they can also be the home to harmful bacteria. Regular cleaning services help ensure a safe and sanitary water supply by eliminating bacteria, which can cause serious illness, especially in the elderly, children or people with weak immune systems.

Water tank cleaning is a process that involves emptying the tank, scrubbing the interior surface with soapy water and using a non-metallic bristle brush to scrub difficult areas and corners. Using a power washer is highly recommended as it can make this task much easier and quicker. A cleaning solution can be used, but it is important to use the correct concentration (1 tablespoon per gallon of bleach) as well as wearing protective gloves and eye protection during this phase.

Once the inside of the tank is clean, it is refilled with water and disinfected. This will typically be done with chlorine bleach or another type of hemical disinfectant. It is important to let the solution sit for at least two hours in order to adequately disinfect the tank and kill all bacteria and fungus that may be present.

When choosing a water tank cleaning service, it is vital to find one that is properly licensed and insured. You should also ask about safety protocols and the qualifications of their team. They should have training and experience handling hazardous waste, as well as working knowledge of proper safety techniques. If they do not have the proper credentials, it is best to avoid them and choose a company with more satisfied clients. water tank cleaning services

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