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In an age where digital communication reigns supreme, the traditional business card remains a powerful way to make connections and promote your brand. It reflects your dedication and trustworthiness, making it a critical tool for establishing new partnerships and opening doors to opportunities that can propel your career.

From classic and simple designs to unique, themed cards that are sure to leave a lasting impression, our range of for Visitenkarten has something to suit every personality. Whether you’re presenting yourself at a networking event, need to convey key contact details in a compact format or want to create a personalized card for an important client or partnership, our free fotobook Designer makes it easy to create a professional and memorable business card.

NFC (Near Field Communications) is a contactless identifier and connection technology that allows mobile devices to communicate with each other within a range of 10 cm. It uses the NTAG IC chip from NXP to transmit data, such as URLs, text and images, between devices. The NTAG chip can also be used to authenticate users, process payments and unlock features on electronic devices such as tablets and smartphones.

To set up NFC on your PCB, insert the NTAG IC into layer 22 ‘bPlace’ and then print it using your barebones kit or a compatible board from EasyEDA. When the board is cooled, use a microscope to check that there are no solder bridges between the components and that they’re properly aligned. for Visitenkarten

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