Solar Energy Solutions – Make the Switch to Clean, Affordable Energy

Sunlight power is free, renewable and more sustainable than conventional electricity. It also helps reduce overhead costs and provides stability in an unpredictable energy market. With energy prices skyrocketing and new solar technology advancing, now is the time to consider making the switch to clean, affordable Star Plus Energy

Federal and state tax credits are available that significantly reduce the upfront investment of a solar system. We can help you explore your options and maximize your savings.

A residential solar system consists of solar panels mounted on a roof to generate electricity from the sun’s light. The panels convert sunlight (photons) directly into electricity (voltage). A battery stores the energy so it can be used at night and during outages. Some systems can even sell excess electricity back to the utility company.

Solar energy was first widely used on spacecraft. Many satellites, including the International Space Station (ISS), feature wide, reflective “wings” of solar cells that provide all the power necessary to operate and conduct science experiments in space.

The cost of a solar energy system is based on the size and type of the system. Other factors include the location and orientation of the home or building, its shading, the amount of sunlight it gets and the availability of government incentives. Additionally, varying tariffs on imported solar equipment impact the price of a system. Our team can help you compare solar quotes to find the best price per watt and ensure your project qualifies for all applicable incentives.

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