Fire Nozzle Manufacturers

Firefighting nozzles are essential pieces of fire suppression equipment that keep crew members safe by quickly discharging water in the event of an emergency. Firefighting nozzle manufacturers produce a variety of models, each designed for specific uses and situations. For example, a fog nozzle expels a stream of small droplets that easily convert into steam to take hot air out of a space.

Other fire nozzle types expel a continuous jet of water for longer distances or provide more controlled discharge. Constant pressure nozzles maintain a consistent spray pattern even as water pressure within the hose fluctuates, while selectable gallonage nozzles allow for adjustments to change a predetermined discharge rate. Gaskets install in solid bore nozzles to ensure a watertight seal that prevents leakage.

Shipboard fire hoses are an essential part of the safety system on vessels at sea. Fire hoses must comply with SOLAS regulations regarding construction, length, diameter, and nozzles. They must be regularly inspected, maintained and tested for quality.

SOLAS Regulation 10.2.3 states that ships with an open deck should have a minimum length of 30 meters for fire hoses. The hoses must also be of non-perishable* material and capable of being pumped at maximum fire hose pressure from any location, including machinery spaces and exterior areas. They must also have a nozzle that is suitable for the intended use and can be readily switched from a fog to a straight stream jet. These fire hoses and their nozzles must be kept in good condition and fully functional at all times. fire nozzle manufacturers

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