Mantra is such a sound and science of Yoga practices that the moment we chant it we experience some miraculous power. There is an age old belief that ancient times’ Yogis, Rishis and spiritual seer saints via Mantra Power gained victory over infinite forces of earth, world of demigods and the gigantic cosmos. Due to the effect of Mantra Energy they became so powerful that as per their wishes they could transform any material and also convert energy into matter and vice versa. Curses and boons are said to be influences of Mantras. It is via the extraordinary power of Mantras that in one moment someone’s disease is uprooted, knowing things/conversations taking place in regions that are thousands of miles away in less than a second, knowing one galaxy from another and getting information of every joint of 72000 subtle nerves. Hence in Indian Spiritual Science Mantras were discovered by Rishis they were called Mantra Drishtas (seers). Vedas are nothing but a type of Mantra Science wherein secret mysteries regarding establishment of a bond with those extraordinary subtle and conscious existences and forces of the humungous cosmos are elucidated regarding which modern science has yet to learn its ‘a-b-c’.

Mantra is directly related to chanting or sound. Hence it is called Sound Science also. Up till now certain research data and conclusions have been drawn in this arena that say that maybe we may not repose our faith in ordinary Indian Mantra Energy but yet modern scientists are stepping ahead in this very direction. That time is nearing wherein advancement in Sound science shall execute the task of increasing curiosity very much similar to Rishis. For example using the transducer machine the subtlest operation can be carried out. This is the result of sound’s ultrasonic energy. The world renowned physicist Dr Fristlav has designed a machine called Ultrasonorater which very quickly helps combine to chemical materials. In this method an ‘a’ is made use of. Ultra sound influences Dr ‘a’. It creates vibrations so swiftly that water filled in great measure akin to boiling water starts churning. Scientists have come to a conclusion that a day shall come when by creating intense upheavals in natural atoms of any invisible portion of the world via Ultra sound it shall be possible to churn any region and induce changes in them. There are such germs which by mixing in certain chemicals cannot be destroyed via any external methods. Even Ultra sound and other subtle sound vibration cannot accomplish this. This proves that lest Indian Spiritual seers via Mantra Energy successfully have been executing applications like warding off someone’s disease, overcoming effects of poison in the body, destroying people’s bodily illnesses and mental hysteria instead of remaining an amazing endeavor is actually a scientific process which slowly but surely is being highlighted the world over.

Today in the name of Mantra science a lot of blind faith has set in everywhere and liar like so called Mantra seers and occultists ‘help’ straightforward guileless Indians who have firm faith in Mantra power right since ancient times. These so called occultists and Mantra specialists know nothing. They keep milking people’s faith but yet if truly after understanding the science of Mantra Power its methodology of usage is learnt, then that energy which erroneously is misused in deluding gullible people can be used instead for world well being which today is fully accepted by modern scientific research. home theater systems

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