Cosmetic effect and usage of retinol

What should choose non-prescription retinol skin care products, or let a dermatologist to prescribe like vitamin A drugs? And how to together use retinol and other skin care products? In fact, retinol is a complete vitamin A molecule, it is acosmetic material, only used in the non-prescription products. Retinol can be decomposed into other forms of vitamin A, appears in the skin care products or prescription drugs.

No matter prescription or non-prescription, various forms of vitamin A were played the role of cell-communicating. That they are able to command the skin cells to work properly, even make skin cells become more dynamic. If the skin damaged by sun, then the role of cell-communicating factor is huge, because the skin photoaging will produce rigid, unhealthy, abnormal cells. When the dermatologist mention “prescription vitamin A”, they are referring to a variety of vitamin A that only be used in prescription drugs.

The following factors help you choose the most suitable vitamin A products: the effect of prescription vitamin A is strong, fast. Retinol in cosmetics with slowly effect, but from the long run their functions are the same. Prescription vitamin A (tretinoin) is easy to cause skin irritation. To part of users, the skin can not tolerate, they can not use tretinoin. Retinol in cosmetics are less likely to cause irritation, but because it should be decomposed into active ingredient tretinoin in the skin, thus have somewhat irritating. Frequency of use requires repeated trial to determine.

How to use retinol products: first cleansing, use toning, then use the commonly used acid or salicylic acid to exfoliate and then coated with retinol product, finally coated with moisture or other essence, these can be used in the eye. If want to let the skin to better adapt retinol, it can be used every other day (do not use during the day, the sun will make the active ingredient failure). When your skin can tolerance, you can gradually increase to once a day, but only used at night. Remember that it is not the more use the better, pea-sized is enough to smear the whole face.

Vitamin A acid should not be used with benzoyl peroxide simultaneously, Vitamin A acid will lapse. Benzoyl peroxide can be used during the day. Retinol or tretinoin can be used under the eyes, but do not use in the eyebrow and upper eyelid. If appears stimulation (peeling, redness, skin becomes sensitive), it needs to reduce the frequency of use, or stop using retinol products. Any form of retinol is preferably used with other enriched antioxidants, skin repair composition and aging nicotinamide and other products, the effect is best. Although retinol is anti-aging star ingredient, but the skin aging mechanism is very complicated, not a single component can be resolved.

According to tretinoin manufacturer, tretinoin is the product of retinol oxidation, also the final approach retinoid play a role, which can be in a relatively short time make sebum secretion significant reduce, reduce skin horny speed, reduce acne. However, some people often do not know the risk of tretinoin, although it is essential for human body, but it can also lead to miscarriage, fetal malformations, thus tretinoin is classified as FDA pregnancy doping the X-rated. TretinoinYouth

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