Lightweight Conservatory Roof Replacement

Having a conservatory is great for extending your home’s living space, and it adds value to your property. But if you’ve had one for a while and it doesn’t seem quite as comfortable to spend time in as it used to, it might be time to consider a conservatory roof replacement. This doesn’t have to mean a complete revamp, but simply changing the roof can make all the difference to how much you use your conservatory and how well it is protected from the weather.

Traditionally, the most popular choice for a conservatory is a polycarbonate roof. However, these old roofs can often begin to show signs of wear and tear, and they aren’t always particularly soundproof or energy efficient. A replacement roof will allow you to use your conservatory all year round, regardless of the weather.

A solid conservatory roof will provide a lot of extra insulation, making your space warmer and more pleasant to spend time in. However, this can add a lot of weight to your existing structure and this can require some work to the foundations and walls of your conservatory to support the new roof. The good news is that there are lightweight options available for your conservatory roof which don’t place as much strain on the existing frame.

These lightweight tiled conservatory roofs come in a range of finishes to match your existing property. Whether you want the modern look of Metrotile or the classic beauty of Britmet lite slate, there is sure to be a solution to suit your home. What’s more, they are also incredibly cost effective, saving you money on the initial installation and the replacement costs that you’d be paying for a traditional tiled roof.

The main styles of conservatory are the Victorian, Lean-To, Double-Hip and Gable conservatories. It is possible to change the style of your conservatory with a new roof, but this will likely be more expensive as it will involve rebuilding the entire space.

The biggest advantage of a solid conservatory roof is that it will keep your conservatory warm and dry in the winter, meaning you can make the most of your conservatory all year round. It will also protect your conservatory from the rain, as well as preventing glare and allowing natural light to flood in. It will also help with reducing noise levels, as the tiles on your conservatory roof will absorb the sound rather than bounce it around like you would expect from polycarbonate. However, a solid roof can also reduce the amount of natural light in your conservatory and this can be frustrating for some homeowners who rely on their conservatory for socialising and entertaining. lightweight conservatory roof replacement

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