Bombardier for Sale – A Legacy of Innovation

Bombardier for sale – A Legacy of Innovation

The Canadian company Bombardier is no stranger to innovation. Their Learjet and Global business jet lines represent 95 percent of the market for the large private jet category and are renowned for their reliability and comfort. But their company’s ethos extends far beyond the skies. The corporation’s products and services span rail, bus and marine transportation, as well as defense and technology.

On the water, Bombardier boats for sale are known for their time-honored hull designs and capabilities that are often used for traditional on-the-water activities including a wide range of commercial and recreational boating pursuits. Their available vessels typically come equipped with inboard and other drive power systems fueled by gas fuel. Bombardier’s presently listed models on Boat Trader generally possess an exceedingly shallow draft and narrow beam, allowing them to navigate a wide range of waterways with ease.

As the battle for the longest-range business jet in the industry continued to heat up, Bombardier responded with a pair of new aircraft, the Global 6000 and 7500, to their Global family. The newer jets surpassed the 5,200nm range of their predecessors and first began delivery in 2018 and 2022, respectively. Bombardier further expanded the Global family with the introduction of the Global Express XRS, an upgrade to its predecessor which added cabin improvements and a wing design to improve climb performance.

As of April 2023, there were 1,060 Bombardier Global jets flying worldwide. The Global 5000 model holds the largest in-operation fleet percentage of any Bombardier jet, with the 7,500-nm-range Global 7500 following close behind. Several other private jets compete with Bombardier’s Global jets, including various models by Dassault Falcon and Gulfstream. For more information on the specifications, capabilities and features of Bombardier jets for sale, visit AvBuyer’s Bombardier Jet Comparison articles. bombardier for sale

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