How to Write an Attorney’s Bio

Attorney is a title that indicates a person has completed law school and passed the bar exam to become a licensed lawyer. Some attorneys also earn a Master of Laws (LLM) certification which can further their education in specific areas like international law or intellectual property.

An attorney can work in a variety of capacities for both individuals and businesses. They may work as a consultant, an adviser or even provide legal services in-house for large corporations. They may charge by the hour, a flat fee or even a percentage of a settlement. When choosing an attorney, it’s important to ask about their rates up front and to see if they require a retainer.

Attorneys should focus their bios on establishing themselves as experts in their practice areas. They should also include any awards and recognition they’ve received for their work. These credentials will help potential clients feel confident in their abilities and make them more likely to contact an attorney for assistance.

It’s important to keep in mind that your attorney bio is often a potential client’s first real glimpse into your expertise and career history. As such, it’s important to be as accurate and helpful as possible without overstating your credentials or overwhelming readers with legalese. For example, if you specialize in family law, start your bio by addressing common concerns people have when looking for an attorney, like how difficult separations can be for families and children. Anwalt

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