Best Curly Hair Salon Melbourne

Anyone with a hint of curl, wave or texture in their mane knows that finding a hairdresser who can truly cater to their strands is no easy feat. After all, a bad haircut can be the difference between rocking your luscious locks and letting them scream ‘I’m a frizz ball’. So, if you’re ready to put down your Frizz Ease and book in a cut that will have you rocking your curls with confidence, we recommend heading straight to one of these best curly hair salon melbourne.

Located in the eastern suburbs’ bible belt of beauty, this salon has ’curl love’ written all over it. Swathed in Aveda aromas, you’ll know your strands are in good hands from the moment you walk through the doors of Rhodes. They specialise in dry cutting, which works particularly well with curls and is all about minimising fuss for maximum impact.

Owner Neel Morley may not have the most kinks and coils in his own locks but his passion for the textured hair has led to his wildly popular blog and thriving business. His team of curly specialists is just as dedicated to educating their clients about the best ways to care for and love their locks. Bookings here are hotly contested, with many curlfriends travelling interstate and even internationally to receive their coveted appointment.

Known as the ‘Curl Queen’ and a colour wizard, Elise at Studio Hi Gorgeous is an advocate of the low maintenance, high style approach to hair. Whether it’s an all over colour or a touch up, her curl-centric approach will leave your mane looking fresh and fabulous. best curly hair salon melbourne

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