How to Select the Best HVAC Vacuum Pumps

Best HVAC vacuum pumps are essential to working efficiently when servicing an AC system. These machines remove air and gasses from the unit before refrigerant can be added, so they must work swiftly to keep the process moving. They also need to be of high quality because they are susceptible to oil leaks if they are not well-built.

Two important ratings to look at when selecting a pump are the CFM rating and the number of stages. The higher the CFM rating, the faster the machine can evacuate a system. A homeowner who does occasional maintenance may do fine with a CFM of 2 to 5, while professionals will want to choose a pump with a higher CFM rating.

The number of stages is another factor to consider, as this determines the ultimate vacuum level that can be achieved. For example, a single-stage pump can’t match the power of a 2-stage unit when it comes to pulling a vacuum. However, it can still be used for backup purposes or by a DIY individual or part-time tech.

Size and portability are other important factors to consider, as these can impact a technician’s ability to carry the device from job site to job site. Lighter models are usually easier to manage, but they may sacrifice power or durability. Some pumps come with handles or carrying cases, which make them even more convenient for technicians to move around. Best HVAC vacuum pumps

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