How to Choose a Resume Writing Expert

A resume writing expert helps individuals craft an accomplishment-driven document that demonstrates their value and increases the likelihood that recruiters and hiring managers will reach out to them. An expert resume writer is also up-to-date on current hiring trends and can craft a document that’s friendly to both people and application tracking systems (ATS).

Depending on the level of expertise needed, some resume writers may specialize in certain industries or job levels and have inside knowledge of the hiring practices within those fields. They may be able to use unique phrasing and industry keywords to make your resume more appealing to hiring managers.

While this article lists a number of services to consider, the best one for you will depend on your needs and budget. When choosing a resume writer, look for someone who has professional writing experience and is willing to communicate with you throughout the process. Also, be sure that they are open to feedback and revisions.

This company has a very straightforward, 3-step process: you enter your work history, skills and experience in an online form, have a phone consultation with a writer, and then receive a draft resume. The company has a wide range of packages to choose from, including entry-level resumes and executive-level resumes.

This service is relatively new, but has quickly become a leader in the industry. Their pre-consultation survey is comprehensive and provides their writers with a complete picture of the candidate’s work history and skills. In addition to their premium packages, they also offer free career advice and a resume review service. resume writing expert

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