Can Stretch Marks Be Eliminated Entirely With Stretch Mark Removal Cream?

It is not uncommon for a skin care manufacturer to claim that their stretch mark removal cream can effectively eliminate stretch marks, but in truth, it is an entirely different matter altogether. The reality is, even the most sophisticated laser treatment in the world cannot even eliminate stretch marks entirely.

Laser treatments can certainly make stretch marks far less noticeable, but even though you might have difficulty seeing them, they will still be there. The biggest drawback with laser treatment is the fact that it costs so much. Getting rid of stretch marks that have been caused by pregnancy for example, can set you back tens of thousands of dollars.

Other treatments such as chemical peels and microderm abrasion do not cost quite as much as laser treatment, but they are still very costly nonetheless, and the results are nothing like those you could expect from laser treatment.

For the vast majority of people who have stretch marks, creams tend to be the best option, both in terms of price and in terms of convenience. The big problem with this approach is that there are just so many bogus creams on the market, and 99% of them contain incredibly harsh chemicals, which I for one would not even consider applying to my skin.

Your first step to finding an effective stretch mark removal cream would be to find a range of skin care products which are 100% natural. Adding chemicals into creams and lotions is sheer madness if you ask me, and besides, the chemicals do not make those creams any more effective than some of the all-natural creams.

Trying to decide between an all-natural cream and a regular brand name cream does not require much thought at all. Just look at it this way:

In order for a cream to effectively repair damage, it must have regenerative properties. There is no chemical known to man, that has the ability to stimulate skin regeneration. Chemicals do in fact have the exact opposite effect on one’s skin. Certain natural ingredients on the other hand, can stimulate skin cell regeneration, and these are the types of ingredients you need to look for whenever you buy creams and lotions.

Retinyl Palmitate for example is an outstanding form of vitamin A, and studies have already proven that it is far gentler on one’s skin compared to tretinoin and retinol. Not only can it reduce lines, wrinkles, and minor scarring, but it also acts as a good antioxidant. Furthermore, it can stimulate the body’s natural collagen production.

I would really have to write an individual article for each of the most beneficial natural ingredients, but unfortunately that is just not possible right now. In the meantime, my advice is that you stay miles away from any products that contain chemicals, and lastly, do a little research of your own prior to placing any orders. tazarotene uk

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