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Tazorac Cream is used to treat skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis and to help reduce fine facial wrinkles and dark spots on the face. It is a topical medication that is applied to the skin once daily. It works by slowing the growth of certain cells on the face to decrease aging effects. It may also be used to treat other skin problems, such as sun damage. It is not a cure for these conditions, but it can make them less severe and easier to manage. This medication is available in different strengths and formulations, with the most common being 0.05% gel or cream. This medication is a prescription drug and can only be bought with a doctor’s authorization. Generic versions of this medication are available from many online pharmacies and drugstores at lower prices.

Tazarotene is an anti-aging drug that works by slowing down the production of certain cells on the face. This helps to reduce fine facial wrinkles and fades dark spots from sun damage. It may also be used to treat other problems, such as rosacea, a skin condition that causes red, scaly patches on the nose and cheeks. It is also an effective treatment for mild psoriasis, a condition that causes itchy patches of scaly skin.

This medication can cause side effects that usually do not go away, but should be reported to a doctor. These include itching, burning, a worsening of the condition you are treating and dry skin. It can also cause a change in how your skin looks and smells. It is important to follow your doctor’s instructions for applying the medication.

You should not use this medication if you are allergic to tazarotene or any other ingredients in the medicine. It is also important to avoid contact with the eyes while using this medication. If it gets in your eyes, rinse thoroughly with water and seek medical attention. This medication should not be used during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. It is absorbed through the skin and may harm an unborn baby. It is unknown if this medication passes into breast milk.

Before you buy tazorac online, talk to your doctor about your medical history and what medications you are taking. This includes over-the-counter and prescription medications, vitamins and supplements. You should also tell your doctor if you have any other medical conditions, such as a sensitivity to sunlight, eczema, or any other skin or eye conditions. It is also important to tell your doctor if you are a smoker or drink alcohol.

The recommended dose of tazarotene is one gram of the 0.05% or 0.1% formulation of the medication once per day. The exact dosage will be determined by your doctor, depending on the condition you are treating. This drug should be applied to the clean, dry face or neck once a day. If you are using this for psoriasis, you should apply the cream to all areas of affected skin. buy tazorac

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