Why Choose Plantation Shutters?

Plantation shutters are a stylish window dressing solution that can transform any room. However, they don’t just add style to a space; they also have many practical benefits that set them apart from alternative window dressings.

Aside from providing a beautiful finish to any room, they can help save energy and reduce your heating bills in the winter time by acting as a barrier against cold air entering the home. They also control light and provide privacy by shutting the louvres when desired.

Here at Show-Case Shutters, we have worked with a number of homeowners in the Wickham and Gateshead area to install plantation shutters throughout their homes. This homeowner’s full height shutters showcase the beauty of this style and are perfect for their large bay window in the dining room.

The beautiful white finish of these shutters gives a fresh and contemporary look to the space, while the 63mm louvres allow light in and offer privacy when needed. As they are made to measure, the shutters fit perfectly and have been custom designed to meet this homeowner’s needs.

Full height shutters are popular for street facing properties and are ideal to block out the view from neighbouring houses and to improve security in a room. They can be installed as hinged panels that open like double doors or as bi-folding shutters for a sleek and modern interior design.

When closed, the louvres of a full height shutter block out external noise, which is particularly useful for rooms that are used to entertain guests. They can be easily adjusted to suit the ambience of a room, and they offer a level of privacy that can’t be achieved by curtains or blinds.

Aside from blocking out outside noise, plantation shutters are an excellent choice for street facing windows. They can be made from a solid panel that can be tilted in order to let in light or to block out sunlight if desired. They are available in a variety of colours and finishes, including slats that can be stained or painted for further colour options.

If a client is looking to dress a window on a stair landing, we often recommend a half height or cafe style shutter. This allows for privacy at the lower level of the window, but the upper part can be opened to maximise light and ventilation. Tier on tier is another option that offers the best of both worlds, with the ability to operate each slat independently.

Unlike alternative window coverings, which can be difficult to clean, plantation shutters are extremely easy to maintain. This is due to their hardwearing materials and sturdy design. They can be wiped down with a cloth or cleaned using a vacuum cleaner brush attachment. This saves time and effort, while keeping your windows looking great at all times.

As a family-run business, we have years of experience working with families to provide them with high-quality shutters that they can enjoy for years to come. They can help you to transform your room, improve your privacy and increase light and temperature control in your space, so get in touch today to see how we can help. plantation shutters gateshead

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