What Does Pt Online Offer?

You’ve likely seen fitness influencers talking about Pt Online and may have spotted adverts for it when scrolling social media. However, before you decide to invest your hard-earned cash in an online personal trainer it’s worth finding out more about what this type of PT offers.

The main difference between a standard PT and an online PT is that the latter works remotely with their clients. Depending on the trainer and the way they offer their services, this can mean either providing a bespoke training programme for a client to complete at home or in the gym and then delivering their sessions via Zoom (or similar).

This means that the online PT won’t necessarily be there to see how well a session went. They will, therefore, need to find other ways to keep their clients accountable – for example, they might ask them to share workout videos with them or they might schedule regular check in calls with them where they can speak to each other in person.

Depending on their level of qualification, an online PT may also be able to provide a bespoke nutrition programme alongside their exercise programmes. This could include a general healthy eating guide, or it might go beyond that and look at things like how to turbocharge results by making small tweaks to their lifestyle. This kind of nutritional advice tends to be reserved for PTs with a level 3 or higher qualification. Pt Online

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