The PP Fittings Supplier

The ppr fittings supplier provides various types of PP-R pipe and related products, including: Flange (Step & Long Neck Flange), Coller, Elbow 90deg / 45deg, Male Threaded Elbow, Female Threaded Elbow, Tee, Reducing Tee, End Cap, Coupler, Union etc. Each product is tested in accordance with the specifications required by customers. Typical tests include verification of the chemical composition and pressure test. Once the materials have passed these tests, the production process can begin.

PPR fittings are corrosion-resistant and hygienic, making them ideal for residential plumbing systems. Moreover, their low thermal conductivity allows water to retain its temperature for longer periods of time, saving energy by reducing the need to reheat it. Furthermore, PPR pipes are lightweight and easy to handle, minimizing the burden on installers during installation.

Moreover, their flexibility makes it possible to easily bend the pipe into a variety of shapes, thereby reducing installation times and costs. Lastly, PPR pipes are highly durable and have a lifespan that exceeds 50 years, ensuring long-term reliability and minimal maintenance needs. They also have excellent chemical resistance, enabling them to be used in a wide range of applications. They are also an important component of radiant floor heating systems, as they are capable of withstanding high temperatures and resisting corrosion. This ensures a stable and efficient heat distribution system in homes. PPR fittings are also environmentally-friendly and recyclable, contributing to green building initiatives. ppr fittings supplier

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