The Power of Designer Names

Designer names seem to have become the dominant selling point of many popular fashions in the market today. People seem to leap at the opportunity to own something with Louis Vuitton or Prada on it. This demand for big labels is elevated by the glamour of these items placed in magazines and found on television, where these brands are elevated to near deity status. As a result of these brands popularity, many knock-off products have appeared on the market, and the designers have found themselves exploring different product lines.

The power of fashion designers is seen with likely the most power when it comes to handbags. Taking a walk through New York City, it’s impossible to miss the countless women with Coach or Fendi Handbags. While companies offer different styles, like Hobo International’s popular hobo bags, every company is coveted with a similar fervor. The desire for these name brands has led to an entire market of knock off bags. Hong Kong is packed tight with streets filled with vendors selling knock off versions of every designer handbag, making it difficult to know with certainty when you are finding the real thing.

Handbags aren’t the only realm of popularity for big name fashion companies. Colognes and fragrances dominate in a similar fashion, with Gucci cologne and Burberry cologne running high prices for their strong scents. Make-up works in a similar fashion, with Lancome cosmetics costing significantly more than their sister company L’Oreal’s products. The world seems powered by high end fashion as these companies drive tremendous sales and rarely fade.

With the success of their brands, many of these popular figures have extended their realm of sales to other markets, including home products and other accessories. Laura Ashley and Tommy Hilfiger bedding offer unique designs that sell well and bring classier alternatives to the bedding market. Watches are another hot commodity as Michael Kors watches are becoming more and more popular. The designers work hard to improve their sales numbers and so, one of the best methods is to diversify your product line to include every kind of market possible.

Overall, it is hard to truly state the impact of fashion designers in the world of consumerism. People like the reliability of a good product and these stylists have become almost sure hits when it comes to putting out popular designs. It removes the stress of buying something that might be ugly, as it has the endorsement of a fashion designer that rarely fails. The important thing to avoid is falling for the allure of designer names without keeping your own sense of style. Part of what makes the likes of Michael Kors so successful is that he brings his own taste to the market. Don’t forget to try that yourself and make your own style choices from time to time. MK bag sale in uk

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