The Best Dad Jokes to Make You Laugh Out Loud

From one-liners to puns, we’ve rounded up some of the best dad jokes to make you laugh out loud. And while they might be a little cheesy or cliche, these funny jokes will get the whole family smiling.

The most common image associated with dad jokes is of an uncool father regaling his kids with lame puns, causing them to groan in embarrassment. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. Many dads tell these kinds of jokes as a form of safe teasing—playful teasing that allows for a sense of belonging and connection in the presence of others, regardless of whether this is perceived to be funny or not.

As children grow into adolescence, they may begin to view these types of puns as unfunny, but this doesn’t stop their fathers from continuing this type of play. In fact, this type of playful teasing is a crucial component in the parent-child relationship throughout adolescence, serving to help young people learn how to manage their emotions and develop resilience.

While some dad jokes may be a little too corny for their own good, most of these bad jokes are harmless and can bring the entire family together in laughter. In addition, research has shown that when fathers are active in their children’s lives, their kids have better physical and psychological outcomes. So, even if these jokes are a little cheesy or overly punny, they might be doing more harm than good in the long run.

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