Socket Head Bolt

Socket Head Bolt is a type of screw with a built-in hexagonal internal drive that sets it apart from other head-drive styles such as Phillips head screws, flathead screws, and slotted heads. These fasteners can be tightened or loosened with a standard Allen wrench or hex key, and they’re used in applications where limited space makes it difficult to install a conventional nut and bolt.

The cylindrical head of a socket cap screw is about 1.5 times as wide as the shank, and it’s often threaded all the way down the length of the shank. This design allows it to take on a fair amount of shear load, which can be an issue in applications where the screw must be tightened to support components that can swing, oscillate, or pivot. It also helps the screw stand up to high-load vibration, making it an ideal choice for assemblies where the screw is expected to experience a fair amount of stress and strain.

In addition to their strength and shear load-carrying capabilities, socket screws are a popular option for assembly projects that require limited space for installation. Their smaller, rounded head and internal hex drive make them far more compact than fasteners with an external hex head. Their small size also reduces the amount of torque required for a given application, which in turn limits the risk of the screw loosening or failing due to excessive stresses.

ITA Fasteners offers a variety of socket head cap screws made from specialty materials designed to meet diverse industrial needs. Our selection includes a range of stainless steel and alloy options that deliver unique combinations of strength, corrosion resistance, and heat tolerance. Socket Head Bolt

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