Shooting Budapest – The Best Places to Shoot in Budapest

The capital city of Hungary is full of beautiful and inspiring photo locations, and one that you should definitely add to your list is the stunning Gellert Hill. It offers incredible panoramic views of the city and is a perfect spot to see the Parliament buildings lit up at night.

Getting to the top can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you aren’t used to walking up steep hills, but the view makes it worth it. It is best to visit this location early in the day, or even better, at sunrise when you can get some great images without too many tourists around.

Another of the most spectacular and iconic locations in Budapest is the Chain Bridge. This bridge is quite beautiful at any time of the day, but it really comes into its own when it’s lit up at night. It also has big lions on both ends of the bridge which can add an interesting focal point to your composition.

If you are looking for something a little more exciting and action packed, then you should head to the Cold War Park on the Buda side of the city. This huge park has a lot of different activities, but what it’s most famous for is its gun shooting range. Here you can try all sorts of different guns that you have only ever seen in Hollywood films like Rambo or Terminator. The different packages cost between EUR55 -EUR80 and you can choose how many guns you want to shoot. They have everything from handguns to sniper rifles and even heavy duty machine guns.

There is also a lot of cool architecture in the city that lends itself to some amazing photography. One such building is the Central Market Hall, which is a fantastic location to take some food photos. The design of the building is pretty stunning, and you should also make sure to look up to capture some of the detail on the ceiling.

Filmmakers are increasingly choosing to shoot in Budapest because it offers such a wide variety of locations. The city has everything from modern and upscale to industrial and rustic. It also has plenty of castles and rural landscapes to offer.

As a result, the city has been experiencing an increase in the number of international productions. This is thanks in part to the fact that the country has enacted strict Covid-19 protocols quickly, which has made it safer for foreign filmmakers to visit.

For those looking to shoot action or sci-fi movies, Budapest is a perfect choice. It has a lot of futuristic and industrial locations that can act as the perfect backdrop for any production. This is why it was used as NASA headquarters in Ridley Scott’s film The Martian, and more recently was a key location in the CBS television series Ransom. shooting Budapest

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