Rugs, No Longer Just for Floors

When most people think of rugs, they don’t usually first think of them as wall ornaments. Clearly, to most they belong on the floor, in front of a door, in a hallway, or under key pieces of furniture. But why not on a wall? As a consumer and art lover, I take a lot of time and pride in choosing the perfect rug that will truly bring out the best features of my home. Yet I’ve always thought to myself, why would I want to walk all over something so beautiful?

With so many new designs and contemporary styles to choose from, I really do consider quite a few rugs as lovely works of art. But it’s not like I’ve always been a fan of the idea. I remember the first time I saw a Persian rug hanging on the wall I thought to myself, man, who walks on walls around here? Yet the more I looked at it, the more I realized that this Persian rug was special, a one of a kind piece that should be hung for all to see and appreciate.

And why not? If your child were to come home with a drawing that she made for you, the first thing you do is hang it on the fridge, or frame it and hang it on the wall. The same can be said about hanging a rug on the wall. Instead of hanging a generic painting or photograph on your walls, hanging an ornate rug or runner as a unique piece of tapestry will add a new dimension in style for your home.

However, it’s best to keep a hanging tapestry as an accent piece in your home. Depending on the style of your current décor, using a rug as the centerpiece of your home may bring too much attention to the rug and not the room. Think of it this way, rugs were meant to highlight the best features of a room whether they’re on the floor or on the wall. Remember you want to be artistic and eclectic without blending in or overdoing it. runner rugs

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