Rosas Santo Domingo

Tu rosa es un regalo

Con una deliciosa caja de bombones envuelta, tu rosa puede transmitir todas tus sentimientos: manifestar tu amor en el Da de San Valentn, darle la bienvenida a tu madre en el Da de la Madre, celebrar un cumpleaos agradable, recibir al tu hermano o un bebé… no hay nada que puede estar mejor que un ramo rojo para la persona más importante en tu vida!

During his first three-year term Rosas established his own power base as governor of the province by consolidating his military and economic position. He snuffed out any opposition and focused his efforts on expanding grazing land in the south.

When he returned to office as governor in 1835, his extraordinary powers allowed him to quash any challengers and concentrate all of his energies on building up the cattle industry in the province. In doing so, he created a thriving export trade.

By the end of his tenure, Rosas was recognized as the most powerful leader in the country and was a major impediment to any attempt at national unification by Buenos Aires or other provinces.

After his death, a new movement of nationalist writers, soon referred to as the “Revisionists,” began to publish works extolling Rosas as a great hero who had defended Argentina’s sovereignty against foreign invaders and who symbolized the true Argentina (see Kroeber 1964). The anti-Rosas, new school and revisionist trends in historiography continued in one form or another into the 21st century. Rosas Santo Domingo

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