Portable Fire Fighting Pumps

Fire fighting pumps are an essential component in water-based fire protection systems. They are used to increase the pressure (measured in psi and bar) of a water source.

The most common type of fire pump is the centrifugal fire pump. The water enters the suction inlet and is driven by the rotation of the impeller and the centrifugal force to the rim where it discharges. They are typically found on fire trucks or in portable fire pumps.

Angus Fire offers a range of self-contained portable fire fighting pumps powered by petrol or diesel engines. Each model features a Honda branded pressure pump and a hydraulically operated spray nozzle. To ensure fast and easy operation all models feature electric start. Alternatively they are available with a recoil backup or exhaust primer. The STORMforce trailer accommodates any Angus fire portable fire pump, and has a toolbox which holds 4 lengths of suction and delivery hoses, as well as ancillary equipment.

For farmers who work in forests, fields, and woodlands, a fire fighting pump is an important piece of farm machinery. They can be brought to any fire quickly and easily, helping to keep the fire under control until the fire service arrives. These portable fire pumps are also useful on ships and cruise liners where it is often difficult to prepare large, bulky high pressure fire pumps for unexpected situations. These smaller, more portable fire fighting pumps help reduce costs and are easy to transport and set up. portable fire fighting pump

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