Paper Quilling Jewelry – Scrolls and Coils

Rolling, crimping, and shaping pieces of paper into delicate shapes is a centuries-old craft called quilling. The earliest evidence of quilling was found in the 1200s and 1600s when nuns coiled pieces of paper and painted or gilded them to decorate reliquaries and holy pictures.

This delicate craft is often regarded as an art form with many beautiful examples of handmade paper quilling in museums around the world. Creating your own handmade piece of paper quilling jewelry is not difficult, though you will need some basic supplies, including a quilling tool, which can be purchased online or in stores like AC Moore, and special pre-cut papers.

A lightweight pair of scissors is the best option for this craft, as bulky scissors can call attention to even the smallest mistakes or irregularities in your work. Thread snippers are also ideal for this craft, as their small size makes them easy to fit into any quilling tool box and they cut through paper easily.

Specialist quilling paper is sold in different colors and dimensions and includes solid-colored, graduated, two-tone, and acid-free papers. You will want to use a piece of paper that is acid-free because this type of paper will preserve your finished pieces for a long time without any yellowing or degradation.

You will also need a quilling glue, which is available in clear, white, and other color options at most crafting supply stores. You will want to create a setup with your glue bottle to avoid it from drying out or clogging while you are working. A sponge, a piece of cork, or an overturned Styrofoam tray make great surfaces for positioning and applying your glue. Paper Quilling Jewelry

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