Over the Phone Moving Quote Not For You? Get a Free In-Home Estimate!

Most consumers select their moving companies over the phone. This is becoming increasingly popular and convenient for the on-the-go consumer. In most cases you can go online and search for moving companies and submit information and within minutes you will be contacted with your moving quote. However, some prefer a one-on-one consultation with an in-home estimator. This service is also free and is provided by most reputable moving companies. Often moving companies reserve these services for individuals who are moving out of state or moving a large home(i.e. 3 bedroom plus) locally. Nonetheless, anyone can request a free in-home estimate for their move.

If you are contacted after submitting a request for a moving quote online ask the individual to schedule you for a free in-home estimate. Or you can contact the moving company directly to schedule an appointment, it’s that simple. Please note most estimators can’t be scheduled on the same day, after 5pm or on weekends.

When the estimator arrives they will conduct a walk-through of the property to determine what goes and what doesn’t. This helps to generate your moving quote. If you are uncertain whether an item is going, include it anyway. It’s better to count it.

As you walk-through your home, you also want to note items that need special attention i.e. (flat screens, plasmas, china hutches, items with large glass etc). A good estimator will usually identify those items before you and assure you that special precaution will be used while handling your valuables. Fees are sometimes associated with special packaging of fragile items. Ask if special crating of a fragile item involves a fee.

After you have completed the walk-through, your estimator will generate your quote for your review. The quote will be a not-to-exceed amount. In essence your cost will at least be no more than the specified amount presented to you in writing. However, it could be less.

I recommend taking time to review the quote before signing. At least compare it with two other estimates. Remember the in-home estimate is a flat rate moving quote that has a not-to-exceed rate as opposed to just an hourly rate depending upon hours used. moving quotes online

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