Outdoor Photography – Get off the trail

One of the benefits of doing destination wedding photography, is you get to travel and photograph new places. I was recently given the opportunity to photograph a wedding in Michigan. Since I had a few days to get there I stopped in the smoky mountains to do some hiking and photograph waterfalls, along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

When I got to one of the trail heads they had pictures of all the waterfalls on each trail. At the time I thought that was a cool feature, so I picked my trail and went on my way. When I got to the first waterfall, this was the view from the trail.

Then I remembered the picture at the head of the trail which was from a different angle. So I got off the trail and walked down to the edge of the stream, and took a picture with my 70-200. This gave me the same shot as was at the trail sign. I knew I could do better so after some so after some walking up the stream I got this shot.

Since I was already off the trail I went ahead and photographed these falls, that were not even visible from the trail.

I said all that to say this, if you are out taking pictures and see something interesting. Don’t be afraid of getting off the trail to photograph things from another angle or perspective. You might find something else along the way and get some great photos nobody else has. That’s it for today, good luck and have fun. duke energy customer service

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