Olympic Village Apartments – Athletes-Centered, Sustainable and Economical

The apartments in the Olympic village are designed to be as comfortable as possible for athletes. They provide athletes with a home base as they train for the games. The apartment design fully adheres to the three concepts put forward by Beijing when bidding to host the Olympics – athlete-centered, sustainable and economical. In the process, it reflects Chinese culture and elegance.

The kitchen is the heart of the apartment. The German designer Otl Aicher reflected on this in his book “The kitchen for cooking”. In collaboration with the kitchen manufacturer Bulthaup, he developed a concept that restored the communicative and community values of this space. It brought it closer to the living area and incorporated elements from the restaurant sphere. It also placed importance on the utensils and tools, which are necessary for cooking.

In addition to the kitchen, each apartment includes a study with a sofa bed and a separate bedroom for visiting friends and family. The crocette blocks are filled with light and natural air thanks to their open layouts. The living areas are framed by windows, creating panoramic views of the surrounding mountains.

The Olympic village will be transformed into a residential complex after the games are over. The 21 buildings can be repurposed to benefit the local community and economy. Case studies from the past olympic villages that have been given a second life suggest ways to do this. For example, Wittman Estes’ birch plywood cabin in the Pacific Northwest has a pass-through window that allows the kitchen to become a seamless extension of the deck. kitchen design Olympic village

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