Modern Cabinet Styles

Depending on the designer, modern cabinetry can be anything from minimal and plain to artfully crafted. Typically, a modern kitchen lacks flourishes like raised panels and molding, opting instead for flat panel or slab doors to create clean horizontal lines that make rooms feel larger. This minimalist style is especially popular amongst Millennial homeowners, who also tend to favor the simplicity of sliding cabinet doors. The lack of embellishment also allows for easier cleaning, as there are fewer places to collect dust and dirt.

Choosing the right frame for your cabinets can drastically change their look, too. A framed cabinet has an added face frame at the front of the cabinet box where hinges and door attach; it can be built with a full overlay, which covers all or part of the cabinet interior, or inset, which sits flush with the interior of the cabinet. The width of the frame is important in creating a specific look; choose a narrower frame for a more transitional or classic look, or a wider one for a more contemporary feel.

Another way to add visual interest to a modern kitchen is through color. While a lot of people assume that black or white cabinets are the only options for this design, bold hues like red or blue can easily work with the sleek line of modern cabinetry. When paired with the right finishes, such as glossy paints or high-gloss lacquer, these colors can truly stand out. modern cabinet styles

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