Miles Morales Cosplay Revealed

The next chapter of Marvel’s Spider-Man is out this month, and it brings Miles Morales a whole new look. It’s the Time Response Activated Circuit Kinetic suit, which is completely unique to the game, but has a lot of influence from Miguel O’Hara’s Spidey of 2099. It even features a red cowl, though it’s a bit more athletic than the one that Miles wears in Into the Spider-Verse.

This version of Miles is also a bit more realistic than the cel-shaded look that Peter Parker got in the previous game. But it’s still a cool looking suit, especially when you’re in a high-tech environment like the Brooklyn Visions Academy. And if you’re feeling extra powerful, the STRIKE suit is there to help you deal out some damage.

In Into the Spider-Verse, Miles’ character is pretty much the everyman of Marvel superheroes. He’s a young teenager who lives with his parents in New York, and is wildly creative and smart. But he struggles to measure up to the standard people expect from him, especially after he’s bitten by a radioactive spider and gains the same powers as his predecessor.

The main character in the film, voiced by Shameik Moore, was a good choice to play this Spider-Man because of his diverse background. It’s not often you see a black and white Spider-Man, but this one is perfect for Miles. This Redditor has made an incredibly accurate replica of the Spider-Verse suit, and applied puff paint by hand to create all of those raised lines in the webbing. Miles morales Cosplay

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