Magnetic Signs for Cars and Trucks

Magnetic signs are often considered mini billboards. They are easily placed and can be applied and removed on demand, allowing for maximum flexibility and impact without incurring the costs associated with traditional signage.

These magnetic signs are ideal for businesses that want to display their contact information while driving or working from their vehicle. They can be customized to include a company name, logo, phone number, and, if necessary, a tagline that clearly describes the business. These car signs are especially effective for small businesses that may not have the budget for other forms of advertising.

They are also useful for temporary wayfinding needs. For example, magnetic arrows can be used to guide people around construction sites or during temporary road closures. They can also be used to display menus on vehicles for restaurants or food trucks. These car magnets can be easily updated as menu items change.

Other uses include communicating safety messages and promoting local events or businesses. For example, “No Dumping” magnetic signs can help to deter unauthorized dumping and help businesses comply with waste management regulations.

With their high-resolution printing, these magnetic car signs deliver premium appeal with vibrant colors and crisp graphics. Their reflective material enhances visibility in low-light conditions. Plus, they have a high-strength magnetic material with a pull strength of up to 41.5 grams/in or g/cm—nearly ten times stronger than a standard vinyl sign. Use our online design tool and templates to create the perfect car or truck sign for your business. magnetic signs

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