Live Webcams

Live webcams offer a real-time experience of the world around us. They are captivating to viewers of all ages and backgrounds, whether they want to watch a sea otter frolicking or see the beauty of Mount Rainier. Webcams are a perfect solution for public spaces and businesses, as they can connect people with the experience without the expense of hiring a professional camera operator to shoot a pre-edited video.

A webcam is a digital camera that captures streamable content and connects to the internet to transmit it. There are a variety of cameras available in the market, including CMOS and CCD, which offer different quality and price points. For most users, the most important factor when choosing a webcam is the field of view (FOV). The FOV is the angle at which the camera can capture its environment. The larger the FOV, the more room you can capture in your streaming videos.

The popularity of webcams has grown due to their unique ability to captivate viewers. The emergence of new technology, such as VR and AR, has further boosted their popularity. The ability to use the power of social media, such as Twitter and YouTube, to promote their live streams has also helped them gain traction. In addition, the simple set up and low cost of webcams has made them a popular choice for home use. Moreover, businesses can take advantage of the ease of installation to run a webcam as a customer service tool.

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