Lake Garda Beach Club

The majority of Lake Garda beaches are free to access but some, like the Parco Baia delle Sirene beach near Desenzano, have entrance fees. In addition, some Lake Garda beaches are attached to specific camping sites and hotels and access is limited to those who stay at those accommodations.

Another important thing to note is that some Lake Garda beaches require a financial outlay for parking and, in some cases, lounger rental. Additionally, some of the most popular Lake Garda beaches, like Jamaica beach in Sirmione, are actually beach clubs that change into restaurants and even discos at night.

While there are plenty of Lake Garda beaches with sand, most have pebbles or small sharp gravel that you might want to avoid barefoot. Having beach shoes in your bag can be a good idea.

Many of the best beaches in Lake Garda have a gorgeous backdrop of mountains and trees but there are also some with beautiful lake views. One of the most picturesque is Grostol Beach in Limone sul Garda. The water here reflects the mountains and is a lovely blueish turquoise color. It is also a good place to play volleyball and there are showers, sun loungers and umbrella rentals available.

Another spectacular lake view is found at Hollywood beach in Bardolino. This Lake Garda beach club is a beach during the day, with real sand, and at night it transforms into a glamorous restaurant where you can sip cocktails while watching a DJ set. lake garda beach club

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