Keyboard Test – Find Out Why Your Keyboard isn’t Working

Keyboard Test is a free online tool to help you analyze the state of your keyboard. It’s important to keep your keyboard in good working condition. Whether you’re a steno typist, a gamer or an avid coder, your keyboard is essential to your daily work. When a key fails to respond, it can be a frustrating experience and you may not know what the cause is. This keyboard test helps you figure out what is the problem with your keys and saves you the cost of paying a technician.

You’ll see a virtual keyboard on the screen that closely resembles your actual physical keyboard layout. You can start pressing each key on your keyboard, and the virtual interface will highlight them in different colors depending on their functionality. If a key isn’t highlighted, it means it’s not working on your keyboard. You can also use this tool to test various combinations of keys.

In case of non-responsive keys, the most likely cause is a connection issue between your keyboard and desktop. You can try plugging it into a different port to see if that fixes the problem. If it doesn’t, you might need to clean your keyboard or replace it. In some cases, the pins inside the connection ports can get bent, which can prevent the keyboard from connecting properly. This can be fixed by using tweezers or needle-nose pliers to straighten them. You can also buy a new keyboard from an electronics repair shop. keyboard test

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