Jewellery Polishing Cloth

Keep your jewellery looking its best with this great polishing cloth. Safe for gold and silver, this cloth cleans, shines and protects against new tarnish with the use of non-toxic cleaning ingredients. The inner white cloth is infused with cleaning compounds to polish and remove tarnishes. The outer untreated blue flannel helps to add a final sheen to your jewellery. This convenient two step system is easy to use, safer for your jewellery and the environment than messy creams or dips.

A must have for any jewellers!
The large Rouge cloth is impregnated with professional Jewellers Rouge, a finely ground polishing compound that has been specifically formulated to clean and polish Gold and Gold-plate jewellery. The soft cotton cloth gently removes tarnish and marks without scratching. The cloth will eventually turn black – this is simply a chemical reaction and is a sign that it’s working!

*Warning: Always test your polishing cloth on a small area of your jewellery before using it. Some pieces of jewellery may be softer than others and can scratch or mar certain materials (particularly stones) when polished with too much pressure.

**Please note that if your piece of jewellery is heavily tarnished we would recommend pre-cleaning it with Priory Metal Cleaner to remove heavier tarnishes. Afterwards you can then use the Polishing Cloth to add a beautiful sheen to your Gold jewellery. jewellery polishing cloth

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