How to Procedure Company Registration in India

A company is a legal entity. All companies are registered under companies act. There are several companies that have gained huge reputation amongst the masses in today‚Äôs world for providing various kinds of services. Gone are the times when company registration in India used to be a daunting task. These days every third person is aware that before starting a company, it is required to be registered. However, registration process of all the countries varies greatly. In India company registration is a step by step process. The company’s incorporation is also an equally important field of concern. Company act 1956 has set particular rules for establishment of any company, be it private or public. Limited is the corporate form used most commonly. Relative use of unlimited corporate form is almost negligible. Any company is created after registering the association articles with state registrar. 

These days the company registration in India can be done online as well. Unlimited information is available on the internet. This information can be made use of by any curious person, before starting the step by step procedure. 

There are several websites that provide knowledge about the company registration process. They offer various services that include licensing and taxation services, registration of VAT, EOQ registration and STPI registration.

For any new company registration in India, the procedure starts by filling the name application along with ROC. After allotting the company name, for company formation in India, registration documents of the company are to be filed and prepared with respect to the ROC, for registration. After examination of the documents, within a couple of days, ROC registers company and then issues incorporation certificate.

Many companies all over India provide company registration solutions. At affordable costs, company registration in Bangalore can be achieved with full customer satisfaction. Many companies in Bangalore provide services as new company registration in India, company registration online, registration of foreign companies, new and excellent company formation in india along with public and non-public limited company registrations.

Many a times a company cannot be opened solely by a single person. A partnership between two people may lead to a company formation. In such cases, partnership firm registration India comes to the help. In a partnership firm, both the partners hold equal rights over the company. However the case differs if one partner has a bigger share than the other. Similar to registering a company in any part of the country, partnership firm registration India, facilitates registration of joint firms easily and at any place.

Though the facility of getting the company registered is available all over the country, it is advisable that the company is registered in the very state where it is established. For a company, which will be operating in Bangalore, company registration in Bangalore should be preferred.Getting a company registered is just like a vehicle having its documentation. With no documentation or registration, the company as well as the vehicle, are doubted to be illegal. Therefore, proper registration should be done in order to validate the company. set up a company

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