How Socks Are Made in a Socks Factory

As the world’s second most popular garment, socks are a huge part of the fashion industry and a great product for entrepreneurs to get started with. With so many aesthetics, functions and price points – it’s easy to find your niche in the market. We recently visited a factory that specializes in socks manufacturing for reputable brands around the world, including Adidas, Nike, UNIQLO and PUMA.

In the factory, we saw how a single sock is made from start to finish. The first step is preparing the raw materials for production, which includes dyeing yarns according to Pantone color cards. Then, the factory workers knit the raw materials into socks with a Jacquard machine. The machine has a circular pattern that resembles a sewing machine and produces the desired size and length of the sock.

Once the socks are complete, they are rolled up on a special board that looks like a large steam oven. The socks are then steamed and sterilized to ensure they are clean and free of harmful bacteria. This is one of the most important steps in the sock making process, as it prevents odor and reduces rubbing caused by bulky seams.

After the socks are steamed, they will go through a final inspection to make sure they meet your quality standards. It’s also important to work closely with the manufacturer to communicate your specifications and establish clear communication channels. For example, if you want to include an embroidered logo on your socks, it’s crucial that you provide the embroidery patterns before production begins. This extra step will increase the overall production cost of your socks. socks factory

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