How An Air Conditioning System Actually Works

Many technicians don’t just have the skills to complete a basic ac repair. Actually many people have depended on repairmen understanding the entire air cooling process for several years and we are regarded as the local a/c experts. Below is a detailed explanation of exactly what parts are working within your cooling system and how they all work together. Reading about how air conditioners are repaired or how they work should be combined with looking at a visual breakdown of how an air conditioning unit or system is pieced together because there are so many parts.

Having a fully functional air compressor is essential for any style of air cooling machine or system because without it there would be no cooling process. Compressors have one main function and that is to turn a low pressure Freon into a higher pressure gas which will have a higher temperature. In order for an air condenser to work properly it must be driven by a fully functional motor. The motor allows the compressor to act like a pump so that the refrigerant can form to a gaseous state.

A simple condensing coil is typically the most important part of what an air compressors structure. The simple changes that occur at the air conditioner coil allow the hot gaseous refrigerant to convert to a liquid because while it moves along the coil the refrigerant is cooled off by a blower fan. An air conditioner that has a bad cooling fan or faulty tubing will not blow cool air into your house. If your air conditioner suddenly starts to blow warm air it may be you have a broken condensing coil.

Having the proper volume of refrigerant released into an evaporator coil is another essential part of the air cooling process and without a functional meter or thermostat control this process wouldn’t take place in the right manner. Thermostatic expansion valves, or TEV for short, help many homeowners in local communities save money on utility costs because of the added energy efficiency that comes with the TEV technology.

Are you familiar with what an evaporator coil does? Also called a cooling coil this portion of an air cooling unit serves the same purpose of a radiator for a car or truck. Within the cooling coil you can find finned tubing where the liquid Freon is converted back to a gas form that is cooler in temperature. After the refrigerant has been cycled into a cool gas your central air or other cooling system has the ability to push out cold air into your house and living spaces.

Every air conditioner must have a properly working fan or blower in order to push out cool air efficiently. These blowers or internal fans continually bring air to the coils to be processed and converted to the appropriate temperatures. Before the air ever reaches the coils it carries a good amount of moisture but after it cycles through system most of the moisture is gone.

If your home has a central air conditioner or you want to install one you need to keep in mind that a series of spaces will need to be incorporated so that cool air can move freely into each room. This is preformed and made possible by a series of air ducts, specifically the supply ducts. An effective duct system lets warm air flow back to your central unit to be conditioned. At the same time these ducts allow for cool air to blow out more efficiently to the proper spaces in your residence.

By calling on any local ac service your air conditioner will be fixed properly regardless if you need a replacement part, an electrical repair, or a simple maintenance check up. With our partnership and contract to a trusted HVAC supply company our ac repair service can provide you with quality parts, components, and switches so you can be confident your air conditioner is fixed correctly. Top 10 refrigerant recovery machines

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