How a Call Answering Service Can Benefit Your Business

A ringing phone can disrupt workflow, take you or your team away from tasks and potentially lead to missed business opportunities. For small businesses without the resources to hire an in-house receptionist, or large companies with peak call volumes that are difficult to handle, a call answering service can be the perfect solution. They can engage with customers, answer customer enquiries, and provide product or service support.

They can also re-direct calls to the appropriate department if they’re unable to help, and collect vital information such as their name, phone number and reason for calling. In addition, you can personalise how your calls are answered and even set the script to be followed. You can also choose how the service representatives communicate the details of each call back to you – whether that’s by email, SMS or a recording on your company’s website.

Choosing the right call answering service for your business depends on your budget, how much call volume you expect and how important it is to give a personal touch to your business. A good provider will offer a range of packages to suit your needs, and most won’t require you to commit to a long-term contract. The cost of the call answering service is based on how many minutes are used each month, and you’ll pay less if you only need it for occasional high call volumes such as during seasonal trading or public holidays. A dedicated answering service can increase your sales and customer retention, reduce the impact of missed or ignored calls, and strengthen your professional image both nationally and internationally. call answering service

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