FusionStak’s eWarrants Solution Saves Law Enforcement Time and Money

Our eWarrants system allows your law enforcement officers to focus their time on the apprehension of criminals rather than paperwork. Our clients report that eWarrants saves countless hours, days and even weeks of lost police resources each year. The initial cost of the CloudGavel platform is quickly recouped by the savings realized from utilizing officer work hours that would otherwise be spent processing warrant paperwork.

During a recent interview, Meigs County Common Pleas Judge Linda Warner praised the new eWarrants system that was implemented this year, calling it a “lifesaver.” The centralized, electronic system is designed to make the entry of warrants and protection orders into state and national databases as easy as possible for all 88 Ohio counties.

The free, modernized, streamlined system improves the accuracy of the current background check process and simplifies the way law enforcement and courts submit information to the state’s Law Enforcement Automated Data System (LEADS) and the National Crime Information Center (NCIC). eWarrants also facilitates better situational awareness by eliminating delays between the court issuance of a warrant and its entry into NCIC.

FusionStak, a company led by a dynamic group of industry professionals with a passion for public safety, developed and manages eWarrants. The FusionStak leadership team pioneered the concept back in 2007 and has since developed a product that is nationally recognized as the best electronic warrant solution available. To learn more about eWarrants and how your agency can benefit from its use, contact us to schedule an online demonstration. Ewarrants

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