Employment Tribunal Representation

An Employment Tribunal is a legal forum for resolving disputes between employees and employers, including claims for unfair dismissal, wrongful discrimination and equal pay. The vast majority of claims are resolved without the need for a full hearing and it is possible to represent yourself however it is always advisable to have legal representation to ensure that your claim is presented in the best light to increase the chances of success.

Legal representation is not available from the Tribunal itself, but there are a number of public bodies such as ACAS and your trade union that can offer support and guidance during the process. In addition, there are many law firms that provide advice and representation on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis meaning you will not have to pay the fees if your case is unsuccessful.

At the hearing, you will need to present your evidence and answer any questions from the employer or their representative. The tribunal judge or panel will then consider your evidence and make a final decision known as a ‘Judgment’. The hearing will normally be held in public, so family and friends may be able to attend.

After the hearing, the tribunal will send you an official written copy of their decision. The Tribunal will also usually publish a register of decisions and a list of the names and addresses of everyone who appeared at the hearing. The winning party of the case can apply to recover their costs from the losing side but this is not guaranteed. Employment Tribunal representation

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