Elevate Your YouTube Game

Elevate your YouTube game by combining SEO best practices with the power of video content. This strategy is especially effective if your brand uses video as part of its on site marketing. Video increases page views, reduces on-site bounce rates, and leads to higher conversion rates. Plus, embedding your videos on your website will help funnel your social media and search traffic to your channel.

The more engaging your videos are, the better your audience retention rate will be. This metric is available under Reach in YouTube Studio, and it indicates how many unique viewers are watching your videos over a set period of time. Videos with a higher engagement rate are favored by YouTube’s algorithm. This is because YouTube assumes your videos are of quality and can therefore recommend them to more people.

Optimize your video titles and descriptions by including keywords that users will search for on YouTube. This is a key component of your YouTube marketing, as it can lead to organic (unpaid) views.

Encourage your viewers to watch your next video by directing them to it with a call-to-action or links in the description of your videos. This is a great way to funnel your viewers from YouTube to your other content, and it also helps you rank higher in search results.

Interact with your audience between video uploads by replying to comments and promoting playlists, channels, and other video content on platforms like Instagram. And if you want to boost your views, try adding captions to your videos so they’re more appealing to the 85 percent of viewers who watch YouTube with the sound off. Elevate your YouTube game

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