Electronic Warrants Save Law Enforcement Hours With FusionStak

When a suspect commits a crime using a computer, it is important for law enforcement officers to be able to search the computer for evidence. For example, the computer may contain child pornography or it could be used to hack into a business’s system. A warrant needs to be obtained from a judge for the law enforcement officer to do this, and that process can take hours. This can be a huge obstacle when the suspect is fleeing and the police have a small window to get a warrant to search for evidence.

One solution is for police departments to use an electronic warrant system. Some counties have already done this and are saving countless police hours by enabling them to get a warrant faster.

The system uses a special keyboard to enter information about a case and then shows the appropriate state code. For example, if an officer believes that a suspect has committed battery, the appropriate code will appear on the screen. Then, the officer can simply fill in the specifics of the case. Then the application is sent to the court, and the judge can approve it electronically from her or his office.

The FusionStak eWarrant platform allows officers to create a warrant from anywhere and then instantly send it to a judge for review on any internet connected device. It saves countless hours, and even days, of officer work that is currently spent processing paperwork. It also enables police agencies to reduce unnecessary overtime and put more resources on the street, helping to decrease crime by keeping officers in the community and out of the office. electronic warrants

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