Dragon Ball Characters – Majin

MAIJIN like the name suggests, is a word that’s often associated with genies. They are magical beings who come into existence from magicules and are capable of assuming many forms. Majins are also known for their love of sweets and can be cloned by simply plucking a part of themselves off and letting it grow. They can change their appearance to match any size or gender and are omnivorous.

In Dragon Ball Z, Majin Buu terrorized the universe and was sealed away by Supreme Kais. However, the original Majin was a monster that was created by the evil wizard Babidi centuries ago to tame his uncontrollable power. Majins can be seen in various games and movies, such as Dragon Ball Online or Dragon Ball Xenoverse, where they are a race of playable characters. They look very similar to the Majin that terrorized the cosmos long ago, but there are a few differences between them and the original Majin.

One of the differences is that majins are often considered to be more good than evil. While the original Majin was a terrifying being that was able to destroy planets, he also healed countless people and helped create an entire race of Majin. This is a trait that was passed down to his offspring, who are the Majin that Goku and his friends encounter in the Dragon Ball series.

Why Did Vegeta Become A Majin?

The Prince of Saiyans became a Majin because he wanted to fight Goku on an equal footing. He knew that he could never defeat the Saiyan God, but he also knew that he would be stuck in his shadow forever if he didn’t fight on an even level. The wish he received from Babidi at the World Tournament gave him an opportunity to do exactly that.

While Majin Vegeta didn’t want to play the villain, he did use his power to kill hundreds of spectators at the tournament. He only stopped when Goku threatened to stop him. This is because Vegeta was aware that he was being used as an easy energy source for Buu to continue his massacre.

After his first fight with Goku, Majin Vegeta became a full-fledged member of the Majin race and changed his attitude. He now wanted to protect the planet and was no longer content to hide behind Goku like he did during the Cell Saga.

Majins have been a popular addition to the Dragon Ball franchise, both in live-action films and video games. They are the perfect mix of innocent and violent, but they are still a dangerous race to behold. They are also very lovable and sweet, making them great friends for the Saiyans and their allies on Earth.

15 Things You Didn’t Know About The Majins Of Dragon Ball

While the Majin race is not as important to the series as the Saiyans and the Namekians, they are still an essential part of the story. There is still a lot to learn about the Majin, including who their ancestors are and why they are so mysterious.

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