Choosing an Employee Communication App

The right employee communication app boosts a company’s internal communications by giving team members easy access to the latest news, project updates, collaboration tools and other useful information. It also boosts brand awareness by giving workers a positive impression of the company as they work through their daily challenges and stresses.

There are several mobile apps to choose from that are designed for employee communication. Each offers a different set of features and some are better at some tasks than others. Start by defining what your objectives are and selecting the app that best matches those goals. For example, some apps are well-suited for delivering the latest company news, while others are more focused on encouraging teamwork and creating a community.

Some of the most popular employee communication app include Blink, RingCentral and Workplace. The latter is a messaging and video tool managed by Facebook that features a company news feed, intranet dashboard and instant messaging. It also includes a people directory and workflow automation. Workplace is an excellent choice for frontline employees, who can get the latest company news, collaborate on projects and share files on a single platform.

Another great option is SnapComms, which provides a powerful employee communications platform with an email blast feature that lets admins target messages to discreet groups of employees and schedule or resend them until they are read. It also provides customization, which is a nice feature for companies that want to apply their branding to the app. The app’s other features include a knowledge management tool and the ability to upload documents and media.

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