Cache Level 3 and Early Learning Centres

Experienced and qualified teachers

Teachers at this level are committed to developing a relationship with children and their families. They have an in-depth understanding of the developmental processes of young children, and know how to incorporate this knowledge into their teaching practice. They also have a deep commitment to continuous learning and professional growth. They think systematically about their work and reflect on it regularly. They are members of professional communities that share their work and expertise with one another.

Education and experience requirements for educators of children birth through age 8 vary widely, as do the responsibilities of individual roles in care and education settings (Whitebook, 2014). Qualification standards are set by a variety of agencies and organizations, including states, school districts, local governments, early learning programs, professional associations, and private companies. The result is a wide range of requirements, with some positions requiring nothing more than a high school diploma and others demanding a bachelor’s degree (Bueno et al., 2010).

In addition to educational credentials, many educators hold national certifications and endorsements. These may include credentials like the Child Development Associate (CDA) credential, which requires a high school diploma or equivalent and 480 hours of experience working directly with children. Some educators earn a CDA credential as a requirement of their job, while others pursue it as a means to increase their employment opportunities and improve the quality of their child care or preschool program. Other professionals take on leadership and advocacy roles in the field, often at community, regional or state levels. These roles require a baccalaureate degree and participation in formal systems of oversight, policy development and system implementation. Cache level 3 and Early learning centres

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