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The latest chapter in one of the longest-running fighting game series delivers an explosive adventure with 32 redesigned unique fighters, a powerful new ‘Heat’ system, and high-fidelity graphics, developed for the new generation of hardware to showcase every moment of impact and aggressive super moves. Fight in a variety of exciting single-player modes including the all-new Arcade Quest, a character-specific story mode, and an in-depth customization system for both playable characters and avatars.

With a massive roster of engaging characters, Tekken’s combat feels fast and satisfying. Its systems are more complex than those of rival titles but they’re also deeply satisfying to learn and master, offering a rich and rewarding experience for both veterans and newcomers. The bombastic story is also a strong draw, with a satisfying narrative that features plenty of the series’ trademark evocative imagery and multiple incredibly memeable ‘Press X to [REDACTED]’ moments.

The most impressive part of Tekken 8 is how well it runs on the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles, with silky smooth controls and a lack of input delay even during frantic fights. Its graphical upgrade is more than just eye candy, though, with a dazzlingly dynamic animation system that makes the action seem truly alive. Buy Tekken 8

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