Breastfeeding Leaking

Breastfeeding leaking is one of those things moms don’t talk about much, but it is totally normal. In fact, it’s a good sign that your body is making milk and that you’re getting the hang of breastfeeding. Leaking is most common in the early weeks and months of breastfeeding, but it can also occur throughout the entire nursing journey.

Most of the time, leaking happens because your nipples are full of milk that overflows during a breastfeeding session. It might happen from one or both of your breasts during almost every feeding, and it often happens when you’re in a hot bath, shower, or a warm room, since warmth can help to increase your milk supply. You might also leak if your letdown reflex is overactive, especially during the first few weeks of breastfeeding.

If you’re having trouble controlling your leaking letdown, try placing pressure on your nipple area to halt the flow. You can also use a nursing pad to absorb the milk and prevent embarrassing stains on your clothes, but be sure to avoid pads with plastic or waterproof linings; they’ll just trap moisture.

It might help to pump or hand express your excess milk between feedings to lessen the amount of leaking you do between sessions. Another good idea is to stock up on nursing pads that are designed to be worn inside your bra and that can absorb larger leaks. You can choose from disposable or reusable options, but either way, be sure to skip the ones with plastic liners, which will just trap moisture and lead to sore and itchy nipples. breastfeeding leaking

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