Beyond Quantum Healing Near Me

Many people are drawn to metaphysical and intuitive energy healing modalities for a number of reasons. It could be for past traumas, health issues or a deeper exploration of consciousness. Unfortunately, they may not live within easy driving distance of a qualified practitioner or they may have financial constraints that prevent them from paying for a face-to-face session. This is where Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) comes in.

During a BQH session your Subconscious Mind connects to the part of you that is bigger than the physical body; like an oversoul or higher self. From there you can receive messages of guidance and insight. You can also be guided through a Past Life Regression to learn more about your current karmic patterns and understand why certain relationships show up the way they do in your life now.

The basis for quantum healing is the belief that everything is made up of energy. According to quantum physics, energy has a vibration and how we consciously interact with that energy shapes our reality. BQH practitioners are believed to be able to use their hands to shift the vibrations of your energy to help support and promote wellness.

Dolores Cannon taught QHHT up until her passing in 2014 and her daughters have continued to train others in her style of hypnosis. Though Dolores encouraged experimentation, she did not endorse the use of other modalities or techniques during her sessions. It was her wish that anyone who wanted to experience QHHT be able to do so. BQH has evolved from the original QHHT teachings but preserves her core principles. quantum healing near me

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