Best Place to Retire in the World

A new study says Americans may be living in the best place to retire, but they could also be living in the world’s worst. According to the latest analysis by Natixis, a French investment firm, retirement in 17 countries — from Australia to Norway — is more secure than retiring in the United States. The firm’s “Retirement Index” considers factors such as healthcare, taxes, financial security and quality of life.

The countries that offer the most enticing lifestyles for retirees include Costa Rica, Malaysia, Ecuador and Panama. These countries have affordable living costs and encourage a laid-back attitude that is perfect for retired people on a fixed income. These places also have beautiful weather and a rich culture, which makes them ideal for those who want to make their money last longer.

Despite the fact that there are plenty of beautiful beaches and exciting cities in these countries, you can still make your retirement dollars go further in other places. Mexico is a popular choice because of its warm year-round temperatures and beautiful oceans. It also has an enticing mix of cultures, and it is relatively easy to get around. But if you don’t like crowds, you can opt for the less-popular Oaxaca region, which has the same sunny climate but isn’t as touristy.

If you prefer a more European setting, Portugal is another country that is highly rated by both Live and Invest Overseas and International Living. It has a diverse landscape that includes mountains, beaches and thriving wine country. The country also has a reasonable cost of living and a good public and private healthcare system. However, it’s important to note that the bureaucracy can be challenging for American expats.

The Netherlands is another attractive destination for retired people, especially because it’s so close to the United States. It keeps universal healthcare, which is preferred by many expats over the private insurance that most Americans have. In addition, the Dutch are very friendly to retirees, and the language barrier is not a big obstacle.

If the idea of a snow-free climate is appealing to you, Canada is another great option for a comfortable retirement. It has a strong healthcare system, low cost of living and plenty of things to do and see. Plus, it’s not as cold as you might think.

While Florida remains a popular retirement spot, a city in Pennsylvania has emerged as the top place for retirees. Lancaster has a good quality of life, affordable housing and great healthcare options, according to a recent study by personal finance site GOBankingRates. It beat out the typical hot spots, including Birmingham, Alabama; Jackson, Mississippi; and Toledo, Ohio. It was even more affordable than the most expensive area in the survey, which was Pittsburgh. Click here to learn more about the best places for retirees. Best place to retire in the world

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